Wajir Peace and Development Agency (WPDA)

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Wajir peace and development agency (wpda)

Peace Building

Peace is a prerequisite for any form of development in any country or region. Wajir County is prone to insecurity and lack of peace characterized by increased i) terrorist attacks, ii) resource based violence, iii) ethnic and intercommunal violence, iv) high levels of sexual and gender-based violence. This situation is further aggravated by the presence of small arms, a weak security system, poverty and underdevelopment of the County.

It is worth noting that Wajir is a county where the community and stakeholders have demonstrated resilience and self- drive to ensure a secure and cohesive society. Violent extremist activities and terror attacks have taken centre stage accounting for most of the insecurity witnessed in the county. There have been numerous terror attacks in Wajir in the last five years making it a focus area for WPDA’s peace initiatives. WPDA will therefore continue to build on gains made under this priority area through various initiatives listed here below;

  • De-radicalization programs by using the respected and moderate clerics.
  • CVE-focused awareness raising campaigns and dissemination of counter-narratives
  • Youth empowerment programs linked with vocational training/loans
  • Strengthen initiatives that enhance information sharing
  • Traditional dispute resolution mechanisms (i.e. Maslaha—Somali customary law)
  • Advocate for the appointment of local security agents
  • Improve practices to reduce human rights abuses by security agents
  • Establish government-community platforms for dialogue, coordination, and building trust
  • Improving access to ID card