Wajir Peace and Development Agency (WPDA)

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Wajir peace and development agency (wpda)

Governance and Advocacy

Kenya has 47 County Governments that were established through the 2010 Constitution. County governments are mandated by the Constitution to deliver services to the citizens in an equitable and accountable way. As opposed to centralized governance, devolution provides for citizens to partner or collaborate with County government and have their voices and needs channeled within County assemblies’ decision making structures and processes. The assumption made is that County government officials are qualified, willing to listen and act on the needs of the citizens. Duty bearers need to work with the rights holders to plan and implement policies and plans and undertake service delivery for locally identified challenges. This requires deeper working relationship between the citizens and the County government officials.

WPDA priority area will be concerned with accountable Citizen-County/state relations and interactions, strengthen agency towards gender equality; enhance civil society solidarity, networks, and movement building; and civil society´s organizational and programmatic capacity development in Kenya. The specific focus area under this thematic implementation will be: a) Citizen Participation and Engagement b) Promoting inclusive governance and human rights) Effective & Credible Civil Society