Wajir Peace and Development Agency (WPDA)

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Wajir peace and development agency (wpda)

Mission and Vision

our purpose

our vision & mission

The Wajir Peace and Development Agency (WPDA) is a non-governmental organization committed to promoting sustainable peace and self-reliance in Wajir County, Kenya. Our vision is a community where people live in harmony, and we work towards achieving this through our mission of promoting sustainable peace and self-reliance. At WPDA, we firmly believe in the power of partnership, collaboration, good governance, and advocacy as key pillars in achieving our objectives.

Our team of experts and committed staff work tirelessly to address the root causes of conflict, build resilience, and promote social cohesion in the communities we serve. We understand that sustainable peace is critical to development and the realization of human rights. Thus, our programs are designed to foster inclusive participation, enhance inter-communal dialogue, and promote economic development.

Through our work, WPDA has gained a reputation as a leading voice in peace-building and conflict resolution in Wajir County and beyond. We have partnered with key stakeholders, including the government, civil society organizations, and international agencies, to deliver sustainable results. We remain committed to working towards our vision of a peaceful, progressive, and self-reliant community, where everyone can thrive.

Our vision

The Wajir Peace and Development Agency envisions a peaceful, progressive and self-reliant community where people live in harmony.

our mission

Our mission is to promote sustainable peace and self-reliance of Wajir people through partnership, collaboration good governance and advocacy.

our principles

our core values

At Wajir Peace and Development Agency, we are guided by a set of core values that shape how we operate and achieve our mission. Our values include being consultative, inclusive, and decisive, as we believe that all voices must be heard to make effective decisions. We also prioritize respect in all our interactions, recognizing that the quality of personal interaction is just as important as the substance of our work.

We are disciplined and results-oriented, striving to achieve meaningful impact through our programs and initiatives. As a learning-oriented and knowledge-based organization, we seek to continuously improve and adapt our approaches. We also value balance in our information sources and approach to gender, culture, and age, ensuring that all perspectives are represented.

Transparency, honesty, and sincerity are fundamental to our work, and we take great care to create and protect a neutral space where all parties can engage objectively. We are also committed to being caring and empathetic, recognizing that peacebuilding and development work can be deeply personal and emotional. Finally, we are pioneering in our approach, always seeking new and better ways to be effective in promoting sustainable peace and self-reliance in Wajir and beyond.

Consultative, inclusive and decisive:

We believe in involving all stakeholders in our decision-making process and ensuring their voices are heard. We strive for inclusivity and make decisions based on collective agreement while being decisive in our actions.


We hold respect for individuals in high regard and believe in treating people with dignity and kindness. We understand that effective communication requires not only factual information but also the quality of personal interaction.


We work with a focus on achieving results and aim to deliver services efficiently and effectively. We maintain a high level of discipline in our work to ensure we meet our objectives.

learning oriented:

We believe in continuous learning and the application of knowledge. We keep abreast of developments in our field of work and strive to apply best practices and innovative solutions.

balanced information:

We value diversity and aim to provide balanced and unbiased information. We consider gender, culture, and age in our approach to ensure inclusivity and equity.


We are transparent in our operations and maintain honesty and sincerity in our relationships with stakeholders. We believe in building trust and credibility through our actions.


We create and protect a neutral space where all voices are heard and respected. We remain impartial in our approach and do not take sides in any conflict.


We care about the well-being of individuals and communities and strive to understand their perspectives. We empathize with the challenges they face and aim to provide solutions that address their needs.


We believe in innovation and are constantly seeking new and better ways to improve our work. We strive to be at the forefront of our field and to provide cutting-edge solutions.